Tours for every interest at CitiesAlive 2017.

CitiesAlive 2017 is offering eight exceptional guided tours that reflect this year's theme, Building Resilience, and Equity Across Cascadia: People Community and Place. Explore projects that embody the symbiotic relationship between the built and natural environment while simultaneously improving social equity.

CitiesAlive is offering two tours focused on buildings that have achieved Living Building Status, an incredible feat that shows the potential of the built environment to create healthier cities for both the environment and human health. Tour the Bullitt Center, a net zero wonder that puts the health of its residents as a top priority. On the Bertschi Living Science Wing tour, explore how green roofs and a living wall are incorporated into the design and aid in achieving living building status.

This is also your opportunity to Tour the 13,000 square foot green roof at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and learn about the design, installation and maintenance process. The green roof captures as much as 90% of the campus rainwater, with additional runoff stored in a 1 million gallon rainwater storage system. Water collected by the cistern has reduced potable water usage by 80%.

The High Point Community Redevelopment is a 120-acre mixed use community and was the first large-scale project in the country to incorporate a low impact design. The community’s advanced stormwater management solutions mimic natural systems featuring an impressive 4 miles of drainage swales. The redevelopment focused on creating a livable community by prioritizing walking and green space, with a four-acre central park and several other parks scattered throughout the community.

Freeway Park is Seattle's largest downtown park and was the first park built over a highway. The park bridges over Interstate 5 covering just over 5 acres. Tour the park and learn the history and the importance of cultural placemaking. In an attempt to revitalize the park, you will learn about proposed ideas such as expanding the park by covering more of the I-5.

No matter your interest in green infrastructure there is a tour that will provide a valuable learning (tours are pending CEU approval by AIA, APLD, ASLA) and networking experience.

For details on our other tours, Bellevue City Hall Green Roof, ETera Mount Vernon Sedum Stock Fields, and the UPGarden P-Patch Rooftop Farm please click here.

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