Community, Equity and Place Making

Green Infrastructure Charrette
Friday, September 28, 2018
8:30 am - 6:00 pm

The Green Infrastructure Charrette is a program developed and implemented by the charitable Green Infrastructure Foundation. The Green Infrastructure Foundation works with local communities, businesses, and policy makers to bring together stakeholders, designers, and owners to do a deep green infrastructure makeover of an existing local neighborhood or site.

A variety of green infrastructure elements are applied to the site based on existing opportunities and constraints during this one-day, intensive, small group design event. The elements used are to scale, and all elements are subjected to a cost-benefit analysis which is tailored with values from the local marketplace. This results are documented in a detailed report that provides both visuals, as well as cost and benefit information such as job creation, stormwater retention, property value impacts, etc.

The Charrette will be held on September 28th and participation is limited. If you are interested please contact Rohan Lilauwala at to qualify. The Green Infrastructure Foundation is looking for companies in the New York area that are interested in supporting the Green Infrastructure Charrette. Sponsorship information can be downloaded here.  

 For more Charrette information please visit the Green Infrastructure Foundation.