Design Track

Session 1 - Advancements in Green Roof Design

Green Roofs, Wind and Fire

Chris Brunner, Co-Founder, New York Green Roofs

Co-Founder of award-winning design-build firm New York Green Roofs, Chris is a LEED AP and GRP. He and his firm have designed, built and maintained some of the most iconic green roofs in New York City. Chris teaches and lectures on green infrastructure, and serves as his firm's chief technical adviser.

Considerations For Rooftop Space Conversions in New York City

Hartman, Kenrick.jpg

Kenrick Hartman, Senior Associate, WJE Engineers & Architects

Kenrick J. Hartman specializes in the evaluation and repair of building envelope systems. He has experience with a variety of materials including terra cotta, brick, concrete, steel, glass, and various roofing and waterproofing products. Mr. Hartman performs field testing, moisture infiltration investigations, facade evaluations, and repair design for modern and historic structures

Koenig, Ben.jpg

Ben Koenig, Senior Associate, Gensler

Ben Koenig has over 15 years of experience in building design and construction with a keen understanding how buildings function. With a strong passion for sustainability and expertise in project organization, development and delivery Ben is a valuable leader in today’s marketplace

Kouvaros, Steve.jpg

Steve Kouvaros, Associate, Gensler

Steve Kouvaros has over 9 years of experience in the design, coordination and management of several commercial, institutional and public projects. His expertise in technical and construction issues play a vital role in managing the complex challenges inherent with the adaptive reuse and repositioning of existing buildings

Integrating Solar and Vegetated Green Roofs: a Swiss Army Knife of Public and Private Benefits


Alan Burchell, Founder/Principal, Urbanstrong, LLC

Principal of Urbanstrong, Alan is a licensed engineer, LEED-AP, and Green Roof Professional. He helps building owner/operator/developers and municipal governments mitigate energy and water management issues to reduce costs and boost property values. Alan has spoken at the United Nations, appeared on MSNBC, and provided technical expert testimony


Session 1 is approved for 1.5 LA CES, 1.5 AIA CES, 1.5 BOMI CPDs, 1.5 CNLA CEUs, and 1.5 RCI CEHs.

This session has received Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) designation from ASLA and RCI.

Session 7 - Urban Agriculture

Beyond the FLL standard: Inventive Green Roof Farming Methods

Meyer, Molly.jpg

Molly Meyer, Founder and CEO, Omni Ecosystems

Molly Meyer is the CEO & Founder of Omni Ecosystems™and the CEO & Co-Founder of The Roof Crop. She founded Omni to democratize access to natural spaces, and to create an organization that continuously engages in bold endeavors. She co-founded The Roof Crop to provide professional farming service, quality food, long-term 'farmland', and custom urban agriculture experiences.

Shea, Brendan.jpeg

Brendan Shea, Owner, Director of Field Operations, Recover Green Roofs

Brendan is the co-founder and director of field operations at Recover Green Roofs. Brendan oversees the design and construction teams to generate innovative solutions for clients and guide crews to achieve quality craftsmanship on a broad range of green roof projects throughout the Northeast.

Garden Classrooms: Field to Table in School

Schneider, Rick.jpg

Rick Schneider, Principal, ISTUDIO Architects

Rick began ISTUDIO architects with a dedication to developing a smarter, “greener”, more resilient built environment. This approach has led to richer design solutions for educational and civic projects around the world. His studio’s award-winning + transformative work has been published in Metropolis, Dwell, Forbes, and the New York Times.

Sally Parker.jpg

Sally Parker, Energy and Sustainability Liaison, DC Public Schools

Sally Parker is the Energy and Sustainability Liaison for Washington DC Public Schools where she strengthens collaborative opportunities between stakeholders with a vested interest in sustainable schools. Sally earned a BLA from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Master of Natural Resources with a concentration in Leadership in Sustainability from Virginia Tech.

Sam Ullery.jpg

Sam Ullery, School Garden Specialist, DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education

Sam Ullery is the School Garden Specialist at the Washington DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education supporting school garden programs through funding, partnerships, and strategic support to the 128 schools across the District. Sam has an MEd from Teachers College and BSLA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Session 7 is approved for 1.5 LA CES, 1.5 AIA CES, 1.5 BOMI CPDs, 1.5 CNLA CEUs, and 1.5 RCI CEHs.

This session has received Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) designation from ASLA and RCI.

Session 13 - Urban Design Case Studies

2018 Top 10 List of Hot Trends in Greenroof & Greenwall Design

Velazquez, Linda.JPG

Linda Velazquez, Founder & Publisher,

Linda S. Velazquez is founder and publisher of (1999). She holds a Bachelor’s of Landscape Architecture writes extensively about living architecture and presents globally. is an online media company, vibrant social network, and comprehensive online resource producing the Greenroof & Greenwall Projects Database and Greenroof & Greenwall Directory plus the biennial Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summits since 2011

Pier 57: Greening on the Hudson

Nicholas Smith.jpg

Nicholas Smith, National Sales Manager, ZinCo USA

Nicholas Smith is the National Sales Manager for ZinCo USA since 2008. He’s successfully completed hundreds of vegetated roof projects amounting to millions of sq. ft. throughout the country, ranging from simple extensive sedum assemblies to complex roof gardens, many of which that have become high profile institutions of the US vegetated roof industry.

The Stormwater Benefits of High-Performance Urban Trees


Jeremy Bailey, Senior Consultant, GreenBlue Urban

Jeremy Bailey is a senior consultant at GreenBlue Urban, where his experience covers a broad range including low impact development and green infrastructure. His knowledge offers many insights into the value of incorporating stormwater management into high-performance urban tree design, providing many solutions that are being utilized globally. Jeremy speaks at green infrastructure and sustainable development conferences around the world and lectures at universities in the United States and Canada.

New Jewel for the Crown of Queens. Botanical gardens –Where people, plants and cultures meet

Dreiseitl, Herbert.jpg

Herbert Dreiseitl, Director, Ramboll Liveable Cities Lab

Herbert Dreiseitl is a highly respected expert in creating Liveable Cities around the world with a special hallmark on the inspiring and innovative use of water to solve urban environmental challenges, connecting technology with aesthetics. He has realized ground-breaking contemporary projects in the fields of urban design, urban hydrology, water art, stormwater management, planning and landscape architecture. He is a Harvard GSD Loeb Fellow and visiting Professor at NUS Singapore. In fall 2017 he opened a new office in Boston.


Susan Lacerte Headshot.jpg

Susan Lacerte, Executive Director, Queens Botanical Garden

Susan Lacerte has been Executive Director of Queens Botanical Garden (QBG) in Flushing, Queens, New York since July 1994. She is responsible for leading the transformation of a much-loved 39-acre garden in one of the most ethnically diverse counties in the country into a model of cultural expression and sustainable design. Since the adoption in 1997 of a new vision for the Garden—to be the place where people, plants and cultures meet—she has worked with board, staff, and community members to develop programs and landscapes that speak to the diverse interests of over 200,000 annual visitors. Susan Lacerte studied forestry at Penn State and environmental horticulture at the University of Connecticut Lacerte took a position in the education department at the Wildcliff Museum in New Rochelle.

Session 13 is approved for 1.5 LA CES, 1.5 AIA CES, 1.5 BOMI CPDs, 1.5 CNLA CEUs, and 1.5 RCI CEHs..

This session has received Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) designation from ASLA.

Session 19 - Exploring the Benefits of Green Infrastructure

The Economics of Biofiltration

Kennedy, Laura.jpg

Laura Kennedy, Technical Specialist, Nedlaw Living Walls

Laura Kennedy has recently been appointed as Technical Specialist at Nedlaw Living Walls and is very excited to begin her career in the green building industry. A recent graduate from environmental engineering at McGill University and an avid gardener, Laura’s goal is to achieve urban sustainability through innovative and interactive green infrastructure.

Cowburn, Mitchell.jpg

Mitchell Cowburn, Design Consultant, Nedlaw Living Walls

As a Real Estate & Housing graduate from the University of Guelph, Mitch is committed to becoming an expert his field. He has an understanding of the Real Estate industry as a whole and has gained experiences to deepen his understanding. He is always connecting sustainability with Real Estate because building a better future is his end goal.

Integrated microclimate: the Bronx River House vertical eco-system

Kiss, Gregory.jpg

Gregory Kiss, Principal, Kiss + Cathcart Architects

Gregory Kiss has been advancing the art and technology of environmentally responsive architecture for over 20 years. He has pioneered integrated building technologies from photovoltaics to vegetation and food growing systems. His projects include Bushwick Inlet Park, in Brooklyn, Bronx River House, Bocas del Toro Station/Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Session 19 is approved for 1.0 LA CES, 1.0 AIA CES, 1.0 BOMI CPDs, 1.0 CNLA CEUs, and 1.0 RCI CEHs.

This session has received Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) designation from ASLA and RCI.

Session 25 - Best Practices for Stormwater Management

Maximization of Added Value for Living Shorelines

Munk, Trine Stausgaard.jpg

Trine Stausgaard Munk, Senior Consultant, Ramboll Liveable Cities Lab

Trine Munk is a senior consultant in Ramboll Liveable Cities Lab, Boston. Trine manages multidisciplinary projects addressing climate challenges and resiliency planning. She is specialized in flood risk management and multifunctional measures to prevent floods. Trine sits on the Strategic Council of IWA and chairs the Danish chapter of YWP

Phannavong, Phetmano.jpg

Phetmano Phannavong, Engineer, Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE)

Phetmano Phannavong oversees DC’s flood risk management program. He is a co-leader of the interagency “DC Silver Jackets” team, which works to reduce flood risks and build a resilient DC in a changing climate. He has engaged with world cities to enhance the program through innovative ideas, policies, and projects

Nilina, Nadya.jpg


Nadya Nilina, Lead Consultant, Ramboll Liveable Cities Lab

Nadya is an urban planner specializing in city and regional projects. She joined LCL in Boston as a lead consultant in 2018. She holds an MCP/SMarchS degree from MIT, and has over ten years of international experience working in Europe, Russia and the Middle East with top European design firms

Green Infrastructure retrofits in New York City Parks


Chris Syrett, Director of Green Infrastructure, New York City Parks Department

Chris Syrett is the Director of Green Infrastructure and Design for the New York City Parks Department. He is a licensed landscape architect with over a decade in experience working in both the private and public sector on ecological and water based designs

Grey to Green to Smart: The Next Generation of Urban Stormwater Management

Mayer, Anthony.png

Anthony Mayer, Chief Executive Officer, Hanging Gardens, LLC

Spending the past 20 years designing and implementing green infrastructure projects, Mayer has witnessed the industry rapidly evolve in the United States since. Mayer envisioned more pragmatic solutions to manage stormwater on site. In turn, he founded Hanging Gardens, a company that specializes in integrated urban stormwater management solutions

Kevin Dutt.jpg

Kevin Dutt, Chief Executive Officer, Rainbank

For over ten years Mr. Dutt has worked with clean tech companies focusing on strategy, operations, and product development. He previously oversaw operations within Bayer, AMP, and International Paper. He earned his mechanical engineering degree at Princeton University and his MBA at Boston University

Session 25 is approved for 2.0 LA CES, and pending approval for AIA CES, APLD CEUs BOMI CPDs, CNLA CEUs, and RCI CEHs.

This session has received Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) designation from ASLA and RCI.

Session 18 - Advanced Green Infrastructure Workshops

The effects of urban morphology and meteorology on building-scale design in a changing climate

McRae, Ian.jpg

Ian McRae, Research Data Analyst, College of Environmental Design, UC Berkeley

Ian McRae is a researcher and designer whose work involves the development of methods to evaluate the environmental performance metrics of design alternatives. He seeks to bridge the disconnect between academia and the applied realm with the goal of developing new strategies that achieve a sustainable form of urbanism.

Cain, Josiah.jpg

Josiah Cain, Director of Innovation, Sherwood Design Engineers

Josiah Cain is a licensed landscape architect with over 20 years of experience in the sustainable design industry and his multi-disciplinary approach provides insight for optimization of site and structure. His drive for enhanced systems performance and integration has provided advancement in areas such as stormwater management and green architecture

Ecological Metrics for Regenerative Design and Performance Monitoring

Bill Browning.jpg

Bill Browning, Founding Partner, Terrapin Bright Green

Bill Browning is one of the green building and real estate industry's foremost thinkers and strategists, and is a recipient of the ASID 2015 National Design for Humanity Award. As an avid proponent of whole-systems thinking, Bill is currently leading eforts to establish regional initiatives to fortify regenrative design and development practices.

Thomas Jost Headshot.JPG

Thomas Jost, Principal, Sherwood Design Engineers

Tom leads the development of Sherwood's practices in New York, Atlanta, and Houston, addresing the complex challenges facing the urban environment through resilient master plans and sustainable infrastructure. His perspective is informed by past experiences as WSP, ARUP, James Corner Field Operations, HOK, and the City of New York

Erin Meezan.jpg

Erin Meezan, Chief Sustainability Officer, Interface Inc.

As Chief Sustainability Officer, Erin gives her voice to Interface's conscience, ensuring that strategy and goals are in sync with its aggressive sustainability vision. Erin leads a global team to develop industry-leading approaches to measurement, driving transparency and innovation in the field of sustainability, while also capturing successes as the company nears its Mission Zero targets in 2020.

Session 26 - Designing Green Infrastructure for Biodiversity

Dispersing Seeds: The Hidden Talent of Living Architecture

Coffman, Reid.jpg

Reid Coffman, Associate Professor, Kent State University

Dr. Coffman, has helped establish the global understanding of green roofs as constructed urban ecosystems. Currently, he is the Editor of the Journal of Living Architecture, Chair of the International Research Committee on Living Architecture (GRHC) and Director of the Novel Ecology Design Lab (NEDLab) at Kent State where he is an Associate Professor.

Urban Animals: Designing Green Roofs for Ecology

Gwen Schantz.jpg

Gwen Schantz, COO/Co-Founder, Brooklyn Grange

Gwen is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Brooklyn Grange. She oversees the company’s Design and Consulting, and spearheads new projects and business development. She is a licensed General Contractor, and has unique expertise in the design and construction of green roofs, green walls and other vegetated installations.

Cecilia de Corral.jpg

Ceci Decorral, Director of Design/Build, Brooklyn Grange

Cecilia is a Miami native who moved to NYC to attend Parsons School of Design. She’s been working for Brooklyn Grange since 2015, when she came on board to build Vice Media’s green roof. She is now the Director of Design/Build, where she oversees the company’s installations and maintenance services.

Session 26 is approved for 2.0 LA CES, 2.0 AIA CES, 2.0 BOMI CPDs, 2.0 CNLA CEUs, and 2.0 RCI CEHs..

This session has received Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) designation from ASLA and RCI.