Session 16 - Design Track

System-Scale Biomimicry: Mimicking Local Forests to Design Restorative Buildings

Jennifer Barnes, AIA, LEED AP, Owner, 55-5 Consulting 

Jennifer is an architect and sustainability consultant with 20 years of project experience. She splits her professional life between her company, 55-5 Consulting, and the Urban Greenprint, a project that applies biomimicry at a city scale.  Jennifer is co-founder of Biomimicry Puget Sound and is active in the Northwest green building community.

Alexandra Ramsden, Principal, Director of Sustainability, Rushing

Alexandra leads Rushing’s Sustainability Studio in providing consulting for sustainability strategy development, LEED and Built Green management, charrette facilitation, and training. Her expertise lies in guiding teams to identify project or company-appropriate sustainability solutions. Alexandra’s passion for looking to nature for design solutions inspired her to co-found Biomimicry Puget Sound.

Zero Waste Green Roofing - Extended Lifecycles and Common Concerns

Elizabeth Hart, CDT, GRP, Manager, Sustainability Program Development, Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance

Elizabeth Hart, CDT, GRP is changing the nature of commercial roofing using vegetation, recycling, and restoration among other technologies.  She is the Manager of Sustainability Program Development at Tremco, working with architects, contractors and building owners in managing sustainable roofing projects, and she is Executive Director of the Green Roof Think-tank.

Collaborative Design for Neighborhood Scale GSI Plan

Amy_Waterman (1).jpeg

Amy Waterman, Green Stormwater Program Manager, Seattle 2030 District 

Amy has over 20 years experience in the water resource field, with a Masters from Cornell University in Natural Resource Policy and Management and professional certificates in low impact development and wetland science. For six years, Amy has been developing and researching green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) in Seattle.

Lily Siu Headshot_2017-02.jpg

Lily Siu, P.E., Civil Design Engineer, Magnusson Klemencic Associates 

Lily specializes in sustainable water and storm drainage design in jurisdictions with some of the most stringent regulations and is a member of MKA’s Water Resources Technical Specialty Team.  She has worked on numerous net-zero stormwater discharge projects across the country ranging from office campuses up to 31,768 m² (341,946 ft²) to National Parks including the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  Lily excels at providing innovative solutions within a site specific context that not only meet jurisdictional requirements but also enhance the architectural vision.

Session 17 - Research Track

Shopping Center Ecoroof As a Living Laboratory in Portland: Monitoring Enviornmental Parameters

Olyssa Starry, Assistant Professor, Portland State University 

Dr. Olyssa Starry is an assistant professor at Portland State University where she teaches urban ecology in the Honors College.  She studies and models the effects of green roof design and maintenance on stormwater management and biodiversity.

Adrienne Aiona, Manager, Stormwater Management Manual, City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services

Adrienne has over a decade of experience in civil engineering, stream restoration and urban storm water management. She is currently the manager for the Stormwater Management Manual at the City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services. Adrienne has worked on watershed-scale, low-impact development implementation studies, storm water facility design, and pollution prevention program development and implementation. With hands-on experience in outreach, field monitoring, plan review and engineering design in both the public and private sector she brings a broad base of experience to her work.

Pradeep Ramasubramanian, Student, Portland State University

How Can Green Roofs Thrive in Extremely Dry Climates? A Presentation of Case Studies

Darja Majkovic, Head of Products and Applications, Green Solutions, Knauf Insulation

Darja Majkovic from Knauf Insulation, studied agriculture, and afterwords worked for almost a decade as a researcher at University. She was focusing on research area of agricultural economics, with usage of different econometrics techniques. In the framework of her PhD study, she was involved in many national and international R&D projects and was visiting researcher at INRA, France.  After completing the study, she became assistant .professor and lectured on graduate and post-graduate level. Her passion for new challenges led her to join global business unit Green Solutions at Knauf Insulation. She is currently working there, as Head of products and Applications Green Solutions.

Session 18 - Policy Track

Green Roofs Support the Salmon Ecosystem in the Northwest

Andrea Saven, LEED AP, RLA, Technical Director, Columbia Green Technologies

As Technical Director for Columbia Green, a NW headquartered green roof manufacturer, Andrea provides vegetated roof product support and design assistance to specifiers, design professionals, and product installers.  Andrea is a registered Landscape Architect and is well versed in all aspects of project design and construction.

Jason King, ASLA, CLARB, LEED AP, SITES AP, Landscape Architect, Senior Associate, Mithun

Jason King, ASLA LEED AP, is a Landscape Architect at Mithun, with a focus on stormwater and ecological design projects on the West Coast. He has many built vegetated roof projects, as well as presenting, training, and working closely with Salmon Safe to expand habitat potential on urban sites.

Ellen Southard, Hon. AIA Seattle, Salmon-Safe Inc 

Ellen Southard has 28 years’ experience in the green building industry.  She has worked with Salmon-Safe for 8 years as the organization’s Outreach Manager in Puget Sound. In 2016 Ellen was named Sustainable Seattle Community Hero and received The Hero of Salmon award as well.

Session 19 - On the Roof With Panel

On The Roof With - Integrative Living Architecture Design Installation and Maintenance Best Practices

Kirsten Weeks, LEED AP, CEM, GRP, WELL AP, Associate, Building Ecology Specialist, Arup Engineering

Kirstin Weeks is an Associate Building Ecology Specialist at Arup with 15 years of experience in sustainability and living systems consulting.  She champions the San Francisco office’s Net Positive Design initiative, working with interdisciplinary teams to create built environments that work like ecosystems, eliminating waste as a concept and supporting biophilic wellness, biodiversity, regeneration and reliance on renewable resources. 

As a Green Roof Professional, Kirstin works to incorporate functioning ecosystems into buildings. Her work focuses on performance, and includes consulting to maximize the benefits of living systems for habitat and biodiversity, aesthetics and biophilia, building energy performance and heat island reduction, and water conscious design. Kirstin has led some of the most referenced green roof performance research projects, including cost-benefit analyses for Walmart, the US GSA, and the City and County of San Francisco. 

Peg Staeheli, PLA, FASLA, LEED AP, Principal, MIG|SvR

Peg is a principal of MIG|SvR a multidisciplinary firm, founded in 1982, that focuses on planning, designing and sustaining environments that support human development and active lifestyles. Peg has focused her career in the public realm where integrated landscape architecture and engineering design provides performance based solutions.  

Jorg Breuning, Owner/Founder, Green Roof Service LLC / Green Roof Technology

Jorg first came in touch with modern green roof technology, or ecoroofs, in 1980 as an employee at a German landscape and green roofing company in Stuttgart. While continuing to practice his hands‐on education, Jorg attended the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany earning his degree in horticultural science.

In 1985 he started his own company focused on ground remote vegetation, extensive green roofs and the establishment of vegetation on extreme locations. Since then his company has overseen countless projects in any climate zone, introduced many green roof innovations or installation techniques, and received many awards on participating projects. His involvement is the key for successful, long-lasting projects.

He was the first expert green roof consultant in North America and advised in many of the most amazing landmark projects in North American green roof history. His work in the United States began in 1998 when he provided design solutions, construction advice, and hands-on training for the Chicago City Hall green roof project. The City Hall of Chicago is the first green roof in the US according modern green roof technology.

Jorg also engineered the first green roof on a New York City municipal building, the Bronx County Court House and he designed and installed 5 green roofs on Cruise ships that travel around the world, through each climate zone, since 10 years and with around 7 million visitors so far. Each of these green roof measures around 20,000 sf.

As Jorg brought his extensive horticultural knowledge and hands‐on experience to the United States he taught critical information and acted as a back-up information source to a large number of individuals like: Green Roof Plants (Emory Knoll Farms, Ed Snodgrass), Roofscapes (Roofmeadow, Charlie Miller), Intrinsic Landscaping (Kurt Horwath) Furbish Company, Skyland USA LLC, Tecta America, Cetco, Resource Conservation Technology, and many more, enabling these companies to begin growing their own business in the green roof industry.

From 1980 until today, Jorg has been part of leading green roof research (i.e. stormwater retentions simulation systems) in Germany. He continued his work in the US and consulted for the United States first green roof research program at Penn State University. He introduced the German FLL guideline (Green Roof Guideline) to the US and systematically guided American industry standards (ASTM, SPRI, NRCA, Green Roof Professional training courses 301 and 401) accordingly. As a critical guest writer at, he also contributed common sense to many brochures, text books, and reference books such as Green Roof Handbook RCT, “Green Roof Plants” by Ed Snodgrass, German FLL Guideline, FBB Association, educational papers for “Tree of Knowledge” at Green Roofs for Healthy Cities North America and multiple case studies. This is still an ongoing process.

Jorg is providing the highest‐level of knowledge, experience and services to the green roof industry since over 35 years, with 20 Million square feet of designed, engineered, advised or installed green roofs, there is no doubt modern green roof technology is Jorg Breuning’s life passion.

Pliny Fisk, Co-Director, Centre for Maximum Potential Building Systems

Pliny originated and co-directs the oldest 501-C3 sustainable architecture and planning firm in the US. The Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems (CMPBS) moves the sustainability agenda in three key areas, the first of which is the development of replicable prototypes in the areas of green materials, green infrastructure and building systems. The second is the creation of 12 protocols that set up the standards and procedure for application measurement and use from appropriate human scale life support to macro industrial ecology applications such as an IO/LCA/GIS model of the U.S. The third way the agenda is moved is by significant participation in the creation of seven policies at the city state and national scale. Pliny has functioned at professorship level at seven universities, and has served as an advisor to several major foundations including the MacArthur Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Meadows Foundation.

Session 20 - In the Design Studio With...

Jeffrey L. Bruce, GRP, FASLA, LEED, ASIC, Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company; Chair, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

Jeffrey L. Bruce is owner of Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company (JBC). Mr. Bruce has received over 80 separate design and leadership awards, and has served as an invited lecturer, visiting critic, and speaker at over 200 conferences and trade shows. In 1996, Mr. Bruce was elected Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects. He is President of the American Society of Irrigation Consultants (ASIC) and Chairman of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC). Mr. Bruce is a LEED accredited professional, a certified irrigation designer and an EPA WaterSense Certified Professional. He was one of the first accredited Green Roof Professionals in North America and is a founding member of the Sports Turf Committee for the National Interscholastic Association of Athletic Administrators. Mr. Bruce is author of the “Integrated Water Management for Buildings and Sites” seminar series for GRHC.